Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Models


Free Software:-

MATLAB 5, 6 and 7 user friendly, 1.8Mb,
(parsed i.e., P-) code LEARNSC for :-

  • Classical and Novel 1D Approximation Tools
  • Support Vector Machines for 1D and 2D (Non) linear Classification
  • Support Vector Machines for 1D (Non) linear Regression
  • Neural Networks: Multilayer Perceptron (EBP learning) and RBF network
  • Fuzzy Logic Modeling 1 - Vehicle Guidance by FL Control System
  • Fuzzy Logic Modeling 2 - FL Control of Mobile Robots

Free slides: (Acrobat Reader is required to view the slides)
Slides provided here are developed around the two basic notion of the book

They are intended to support both the instructors in the development and delivery of course content and the learners in acquiring the ideas and techniques presented in the book in a more pleasant way than just reading.
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The readers interested in authors programming solutions may purchase the source MATLAB code (*.m files) of the program package LEARNSC (for the MATLAB Releases R11 and R12, i.e., for the MATLAB 5 and MATLAB 6, respectively) from the same site. Note that the software package LEARNSC that corresponds to this book (including its each particular routine) is for fair use only and free for all educational purposes. The programs may not be used for any kind of commercial activity.
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